Friday 27 May 2016

What is and Benefits?

What is and Benefits?

In India, there are lots of talented people across states where they are not getting jobs or don’t know the meaning of words due to lack of communication skills and vocabulary. As per database, there is only 10% of Indian children study in English-medium schools, and As the globalization in India, lots of people are looking to learn the Language English.
There is an obvious demand for the English language in India. To bridge this gap is a technology solution, a responsive Website having collection of words in Hindi as well as English.
Our vision with is to have an application across platform which helps everyone to learn know the meaning of word in English as well in Hindi.
How it will benefit to all.
 Large collection of words: database is 5,00,000 words long. you can find meaning of almost any word here.
 Biligual Dictionary : it will help to understand the word and give wide range of words which you can use in your daily usage and speech.
Competition is key for success: With collection of Anonyms and Symons help to know the know the word meaning better and able to use as you want.
 Designed for performance: We understand internet infrastructure of our country so we have worked so hard to make it faster, with under 1 sec page download time on 3G and 8 sec on 2G we are fastest web dictionary..
 Community driven portal: is an online tool for the user and they give suggestion and we are happy to listen to our users.

Saturday 30 April 2016 and strength has features where we are showing the Similiar Words and Opposite Words of the word which will help you in using those words in your life which will enhance your presentation Skills.
We have one of largest database of English Hindi Dictionary words around 5 lakhs words including Hindi and English Words.

Today world is talking about CHANGE and we are trying to bring the same for our viewers where they can enhance their vocabulary and try to use in our day to day environment.

You can view any word on

Monday 25 April 2016

How to Say "Great" in other words

Aamboli Presenting words where you can say someone who has done "Great" Job or task or achieve something in life in different ways.

If you need to that they have done "Great" Job we will use the Word - Admirable

If some surprise us in our Life, we would like to use the Word - Astonishing

If Someone achieve a position in our Life, we would like to use the Word - Top-Notch

If you become the Role mode of someone and they respect like anything, they are Exemplary to us.

In like when you achieve which will give you Inner Satisfaction,then you feel Rapturous

These are some of the examples where you or someone has done "Great" in his life or for us.

For meaning of these words and more, you can visit us on

Sunday 24 April 2016

Introducing Online English to Hindi dictionary-

Aamboli  is the best English to Hindi Bi-lingual Dictionary and translation tool where you will get thousands of word of English from Alphabets A to Z and Hindi varnmala. Everyday, you will get a new word and Quote from biggest personality in the world. With the meaning of each word, you can also get the Thesaurus and opposite Words with examples so that you can understand better. Our focus is to help you learn,build and Strengthen your English Vocabulary online.

When you will get new word in daily life, to know their meaning and further use in your daily communication. For further Information, Visit our Site :